How To Sell Your Property in Limassol

Rest assured that when you instruct us to sell your property in Limassol we will offer you professional assistance and advise covering the complete process of the selling process.

When you promote your property for sale in Limassol through us, you will receive maximum exposure through our office that affiliates with a selection of well established and licenced real estate associates both in Cyprus and abroad.

We know that selling your house can be a very stressful procedure both emotionally and physically, so you can count on us for a professional but at the same time friendly and human approach. Below are some tips to help you and us promote and sell your property in Limassol successfully.

Advice to Sellers

What are the main factors determining how fast you can sell your property in Limassol?


You may have no control over the location of your Limassol home, but in Cyprus and especially in Limassol the location is what more than anything else that helps determine it’s value.


Don’t be unrealistic when setting a price. Take professional advice and even better a written valuation concerning the Limassol property or Plot you wish to sell. It does not cost that much, considering the money at stake, and we can of course arrange a detailed and written valuation for you, if instructed.

You may of course choose not to request a written assessment and valuation and instead set your own price perhaps based on our advise and knowledge on the market.

The condition of the property

Your home’s condition is vital to a sale. A clean, well maintained home enjoys a competitive edge and it will sell faster and at a higher price.


A correct and detailed description of your home’s features is always advisable as this will help us market and sell your property in Limassol in the best possible way. Have your home clean and tidy on the day we arrange to take photos of all rooms and all main areas of the property. A well described list of your home’s features with attractive photos on our website and associated websites will attract more clients and interest and help secure a better price.

The Property Broker – How we will sell your property in Limassol

We, as your Property Broker, in association with our licenced associates will offer you honest and expert advice concerning  market conditions in Limassol and in the rest of Cyprus, prepare the description and listing of your property, photograph and display your property, advice with the pricing and  selling of your Limassol property, list and advertise your property on a number of websites and publications, foreign and local and at own expense, arrange and deal with viewing appointments, negotiate the closing price on your behalf, arrange all the legal paperwork in consultation with your appointed lawyer (if you have one) and screen potential buyers to avoid time wasters.

We can also arrange to sell your property in Limassol in your absence, if you have moved abroad, and if we have written instructions from you. You may need to come only to sign and close the deal or an appointed representative with power of attorney can do this on your behalf.

Please note that all our services are in affiliation with licenced estate agents hence establishing the most efficient sales team to promote your property for sale.

How to show your Limassol property to prospective buyers & Sell your Property successfully!

If clients are viewing your Limassol property accompanied by a Property Broker or Estate Agent then is best to leave the Broker/Agent do the tour as long as he/she knows your property and the sales talk well. On the other hand if the Broker/Agent is not very familiar with your property and your assistance might be needed it’s advisable to have the following information available:

a) Location (Distance to the city centre, sea, airports, general facilities etc.)

b) Extra features (Central heating, air condition, fireplace, covered parking, swimming pool, solar system, etc.)

c) Say what fixtures and fittings or furniture are included in the price

d) If you have any special requirements as a seller with the price, method of payment or delivery date better to state those from the beginning.

e) Try to point out all the positive features of your Limassol property without overstating those features

Will you be able to sell your property in Limassol on your own and save the Agents / Brokers fees?

Sellers working alone can expose their home only to a small segment of the Limassol property market and even that can only be reached by costly advertising. Then, if u receive enquiries, you have to let strangers into to your home exposing yourselves to possible dangers.

Time wasters, or even worse, burglars wishing to see the inside of your home and other questionable characters may be among those who come to view your Limassol property. A Property Broker will screen all those wishing to see your property and will have all their personal details on file.

It is also important to note that, in spite of banners and signs  and substantial sums of money spent on advertising by private sellers, very few private sales are achieved in Cyprus. Buyers still rather view and buy properties with the help and involvement of a Property Broker.

The property sales market in Limassol and in Cyprus at large is best and safely represented by the efforts of co-operating  Property Brokers and Estate Agents. Besides, it is well established that serious and affluent buyers will always seek the services of a well experienced and trusted Broker or Agent when looking to buy a Limassol property.

Remember also that No charges of any sort are charged to you unless and until the sale of your property is finalized.

            No sale – No charge

Sell Your Property in Limassol / Cyprus Now!

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