Properties for sale in Limassol Cyprus

Thinking to buy a property in Limassol Cyprus, a holiday or permanent luxury villa or apartment – or invest in property in Limassol Cyprus?

The thinking and deciding is all down to you. Once you decide, the rest is down to us.  Always with your interests in mind of course!

We are here to help you make your selection for any type of property, residential or commercial, as problem free and as quick as possible. Furthermore, through our legal and financial associates we can  also advise you on all financial and legal property matters and help you invest on property or property projects anywhere in Cyprus.

We have the knowledge and flexibility to promote for sale or search the market for properties subject to clients preferences and instructions, and if needed to deal with other associates and Real Estate Agents throughout Cyprus, whom we know to be honest and reliable.

We will offer you honest and independent advice for your personal or business investments and offer you a wide selection of properties for sale in Limassol, as well as elsewhere in Cyprus if so requested.

What we have on our website is only a very small selection of properties in Limassol. However, we have access through associates to hundreds more properties as well as commercial plots and investment projects in Limassol and all over Cyprus . All you need is to ask us locate what you want if it’s not already on our list of properties.

Buy a Property in Limassol Cyprus

It has never been a better time to buy your dream seaside or mountain villa or sea view apartment in Limassol. Cyprus is a full member of the EU and European nationals are permitted to buy a property in Limassol Cyprus with no restrictions while non – European nationals can buy a property in Limassol Cyprus and qualify for the Cyprus Investment Program when they invest just  €2,000,000 on a single residence or invest in real estate investments and own a residence value no less than €500,000 excluding any applicable VAT.

For more details of the Cyprus Investment Programme call us with no obligation for an informal chat to discuss your requirements or questions.

For Companies that wish to establish offices in Limassol we have a large selection of commercial space and whole multi-storey commercial buildings in all areas of Limassol.

You simply tell us what you want and we will find it for you. We will act as your personal brokers to locate what you need and not just in Limassol, but anywhere in Cyprus and with no fees involved!

We will arrange viewing appointments, negotiate the price on your behalf when instructed, appoint a lawyer if you need one, deal with all the paperwork, help you through our banking contacts with financing the deal if needed and be there for you for whatever help and advice you need.

After Purchase Service

Even after you buy a property in Limassol Cyprus, either residential or commercial, we will be there to help you make the right choices when dealing with companies supplying furniture or arranging for swimming pool maintenance, gardening maintenance or any other services you may require including part of full renovation of your new property.

Even if you just buy a plot we can arrange, if asked, all the procedures and all the building work from scratch to completion always based on your instructions and with your best interests in mind.

Basically we promise to make your buying and investing experience in Cyprus as smooth and trouble free as possible.

What costs will I face if I buy a property in Limassol Cyprus?

The Extra costs that property buyers are facing in Cyprus for each purchase are basically the Stamp Duty, the transfer Fees and the Solicitor fees, if one is needed.

A. Stamp Duty

The purchaser is liable for the payment of stamp duty at the rate of 1.50 euro per thousand (or 0.15%) up to the value of
€100,000 euro, thereafter the rate is 2.00 euro per thousand (or 0.20%). This should be paid within 30 days of signing the contract.

For example if you buy a property in Limassol Cyprus and the price is €150,000 euro

The first 100,000

100,000 @ 0.15 % =

150 euro

Any amount above 100,000

50,000 @ 0.20 % =

100 euro


250 euro

% : Rate per thousand

B. Transfer Fees

Real Estate Transfer tax-fees are necessary in order to transfer FREEHOLD ownership to the name of the new owner. The Purchaser is responsible for the tax payment. The rates are on a graduated scale.

Value of property

Transfer fee
rate (per hundred %)

Up to 85,430


From 85,431 – 170,860


Over 170,860


For example if the purchase price is  €150,000 euro

The first 85,430

85,430 @ 3 % =

2,563 euro

from  85,431 to 170,860

85,429 @ 5 % =

4,272 euro

Any amount above  170,860

@ 8 % =

 Should the purchase be made in joint names the effective value for calculation is halved.

PLEASE NOTE: When you buy a property in Limassol Cyprus through our office we do not charge buying clients any fees, unless otherwise agreed, regardless how much time we allocate for them and regardless if a property purchase is successful or not.

Our service is completely free and with no                                                       obligation!