Cyprus is a member of the European Union, the United Nations and other U.N. Agencies. It is also a member of the Council of Europe, the Commonwealth, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and many more other international Organizations.

Cyprus enjoys therefore all the benefits of the Western world. Telephone and Internet Communications are first class. All major International Courier firms are based here. The banking system, despite recent problems is still strong and recovering and most  major international banks are still based in Cyprus, most of them in Limassol.

Two newly constructed international airports service the island, offering daily connections to all European destinations, the Middle East and far beyond.

Cyprus has also a reputation for excellent health care with modern high standard care hospitals and private clinics throughout the island. Most Doctors are UK and US trained and English as well as Russian is widely spoken especially in Limassol.

Plastic surgery and other major surgeries from UK and US trained doctors and plastic surgeons are also very popular with overseas patients, as the costs are at least half when compared with private medical care in most other European countries.

Educational standards are high too, with international schools and Colleges in all towns, catering for English and Russian speaking pupils and students.

International Companies are still eager to establish operations and offices as Cyprus is fast becoming an important commercial and financial centre being in the crossroads of Europe and the affluent petrol producing middle east – even more now with the recent gas and petrol findings in the Cyprus sea beds. Furthermore Limassol in particular, with it’s major commercial and passenger port, is home to some of the biggest Shipping Management Companies enhancing the town’s strategic and commercial importance even more.

Limassol is the largest coastal town with one of the longest coastlines in Europe, over 10 miles long with cafes, restaurants, beach bars, beach villas and apartments and beach hotels making Limassol one of the most attractive places in the Mediterranean region to make your holiday home or even better all year family residence and Business base.

The island has a mild, typically Mediterranean climate, with abundant sunshine even in winter and little heavy rainfall. You can however enjoy snow and ski activities on the Troodos mountains during the winter months so really you have it all!

For those therefore contemplating a home in the sun, either for residence or as a holiday home or business base, Cyprus and especially Limassol has much to offer.

Sunshine for most of the year, beautiful sunny beaches, water sports, Golf, 5 star hotels, the best restaurants, brand name shops and new shopping malls and one of the most breathtaking marinas in the Mediterranean in Limassol with luxury villas virtually floating in the sea!

Living in Limassol means you simply choose the lifestyle that pleases you most!

You can choose the quiet life among mountain locations close to nature and surrounded by pine trees or you can live near the beach and wake up to the sound of waves and the smell of fresh sea breeze.

Or you can live in town among local people and blend in to get the feel of the local way of life.

Furthermore Limassol is the Business town of Cyprus as most international Companies including international Banks and the biggest Shipping Companies operate through offices or their headquarters in Limassol that is ideally located between two main airports and it’s own commercial and passenger sea port.

Living or working in Cyprus or both – and in Limassol in particular – can be a truly pleasant experience. So pleasant in fact that no doubt you will wish to make Limassol your home and perhaps your Business base for many years to come if not for the rest of your life as so many other oreign nationals have done!

Living in Limassol is a lifestyle!

Limassol also has comparatively a very low crime rate so u can safely have your family living here in safety if u are a businessman that needs to travel regularly.

Limassol is undoubtedly one of the top choices for buying a new home or establishing an overseas office or business and we are here to help you make that choice happen as speedily and conveniently as possible.

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