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A truly great investment!!! 

Note: For overseas Non-EU buyers, purchase of this property qualifies the Buyer & his family for Cyprus Citizenship status and a Cyprus / EU Passport. More details on Request.

If your Company is looking for office premises this offer is ideal as location, price and quality of building and finish!

If you’re an Investor you can buy this superb Commercial Building now on pre-construction sale price and either resale on completion at a great profit or keep for a high yield rental income!

Incorporated in the proposal is the plot location, the architectural plans and the 3D artist impression of the completed building and the financial analysis for the building.

The proposed commercial building to-be-constructed, is located in a prime area of Limassol town on a plot of 558m2 with quick access to the city centre, the highway to all major towns as well as the Limassol Marina and the main Port.


Currently there is a limited supply for high-end luxury commercial office space in Limassol and when some becomes available is normally priced at no less than €3,500 to €5,000 per square metre sale price for centrally located and new or non-aged commercial buildings.

The majority of office space currently available in Limassol is on the low end of quality buildings with limited facilities and services and in excess of 20 years old.

Meanwhile, the market demand from overseas Companies seeking office space or whole office Buildings with the latest technology and services incorporated in the building is increasing year on year.

Demand comes from local companies and more so from international Companies that wish to move their operations to Cyprus – due to the low corporation tax, the proximity to the middle east markets, to the skilled workforce, to the low operating costs and most importantly of course managing their operations from within a European Union country.

Ideal for headquarters or rental space for major Companies – especially shipping Companies, Forex Companies, Bank headquarters, Oil Companies, Accountancy Firms and Law Offices.

The building will consist:

  • 260m2 Underground parking area
  • 270m2 Ground floor retail unit
  • 660m2 total for 3 floors of office space
  • 150m2 Roof terrace
  • Total 1460m2


Options for Buyer/s:

  1. Sell the building when completed at what we would expect approximately 25% return on investment
  2. Retaining the building and renting out on minimum 2 a year contracts which should generate a rental yield of 5%-7% per year.

Full information and presentation of plans plus a visit to building site etc., can be arranged at very short notice so call with no obligation 7 days a week from 9:00am to 9:00pm or email us anytime.

Greek & English Tel: 99 66 66 88 / Russian Tel: 99 86 23 12

Price: €2,800,000


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