Buying your dream property in Limassol is only the beginning!


When you decide to buy a property in Limassol Cyprus you have no need to look or ask any further. Simply call us and tell us what you want and we will find the type of property that fulfils your needs either to buy or rent.

Besides our own property portfolio we are associated with a number of reputable property Licensed Sales Offices and deal with all major Property Developers. If the property you desire is out there we will find it for you, have no doubt about that!


If you have a property and you decide to sell it or rent it call us…

We will visit you to discuss the matter in detail, take details and photos and then prepare the marketing campaign for the sale or rental of your property.  Again besides our own property portfolio your property will be listed with other reputable Licensed Property Sales offices so you will have no need to go around yourself to ask more property agents to promote your property.

Even if we have an exclusive rights agreement to promote or locate a property for you we will co-ordinate with other offices to maximize the possibilities to sell your property or to find you the residential property or investment you desire.

Please note that we only deal with good quality nicely located sale properties and long term premium upmarket rentals.


If you are away for long periods and you need someone to manage and look after your property call us and tell us your requirements.

We can arrange for all your bills to be paid in your absence, rent and manage your property or simply arrange a visit to your property daily to ensure all is safe and secure.


If you wish to have your property fully or partially renovated ask us  for a quotation – with a team of professionals and an Interior designer that can carry out any work you demand, your requirements will be executed in the most professional and most cost effective manner.


If you have a specific property in mind that cannot be found ready build – we can then locate a suitable plot in the area you wish and make all the arrangements to build your property exactly the way you want it!

After we find the plot for you we can assemble a full team for you – architect, designer, builders and get quotes from a selection of reputable builders on the full costing to build your dream property.

Regardless if it’s just your personal residence or a large scale investment project we can deal with all matters on your behalf, efficiently and professionally and all the way  to completion – even in your absence!


If you are new in town and not yet familiar with the way things are done locally or simply you need honest and expert advice on local Business or Investment matters we will be glad to meet with you and discuss these matters further.

We can recommend and arrange for you Banking facilities, introduce you to reputable Accountants and Law Firms and help you deal with any visa or immigration arrangements you may require.


If you require Commercial Premises to operate your Business or you wish to invest in Commercial Buildings of any kind including office Blocks or Residential Projects or Hotels completed or off plan call us and tell us what you have in mind.

We know nearly all Commercial Buildings of one kind or another that are available for sale either ready built or off plan – so we can help you select the right premises or building that answers your needs and then negotiate the best deal on your behalf.


If you are a busy individual or simply have no time to deal with things like paying your bills (telephone, electricity, water, etc) or if you or your spouse and family need a full time assistant to cater for your personal needs we can arrange and recommend suitable personnel  for you, part-time or full time.


Most services are provided FREE to clients that buy a property through our office excluding some personal requests for services not covered on our list of Free services. However if and when a charge is applicable you will be told before the service is provided.

Regrettably we can only offer these services in Limassol though we will also try to be of service to clients who buy a property through us elsewhere in Cyprus.


In order to offer a personal service and for client confidentiality, initially I deal with all clients and enquiries personally.

Your requirements can be emailed to me if you’re abroad or if in Cyprus we can have an informal meeting to discuss matters in person. Besides Greek and English a Russian speaking assistant is available so language barrier in those languages.

If you are arriving from abroad I can arrange to meet you at the airport on your arrival and drive you to your Hotel or place of stay.

Any services provided, either in property transactions or financial services or any kind of service that under Cyprus law requires some kind of licence by the person / company dealing with your request – then such licensed associated company or person will be instructed to act in association with my office to complete your instructions legally and professionally.

Confidentiality and Discretion always assured.