Local & Overseas Affiliates are welcome.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a big time local or overseas lawyer or a fellow property estate agent or a Banker or a secretary.

If you are in the kind of Business that brings you in contact with affluent people that you can interest to invest in a luxury Villa in the beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus and especially clients who wish to enrol in the Cyprus Investment Citizenship Program through investment in property or property related projects, residential or commercial – simply contact us for more details regarding a mutually rewarding affiliation arrangement.

Even if you personally are interested in buying or investing in Cyprus, we can perform your own requests for luxury property and investments, professionally efficiently and with the utmost discretion.

The rewards can be quite very considerate – even for those of you who are already big earners – more so if your introduction is a multi-million investor. As a deal maker though the satisfaction of closing deals is a reward in itself but of course so much more if the rewards are also considerable.

Even if you are buying for yourself – then those rewards will be passed on to you as a reduction on the agreed closing price so either way the benefits are mutual.

We are interested in long and trustworthy professional mutually rewarding relationships with trustworthy serious professionals – all overseas matters and enquiries are dealt directly by the owner of the firm, seen undersigned who can provide character and business references by the firm’s lawyers & accountants and other Business associates, if requested.

We receive referrals from Law firms, Investors Firms, Real Estate Brokers, Bankers and even individuals who have referred to us clients from Russia, China and more recently from a number of countries in the Middle East.